The Expat Blues

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12 bar blues in the key of K

Well 4 years ago my baby left me, 2 degrees but no jobs anywhere,

I heard of this EFL program, so I got a one-way Korean Air.

I got the blues … whoa, the expat blues…

I work at a hagwon, I live in Itaewon, I drink too much for fun

I’ve got — the expat blues.

Now, my students they don’t respect me, the ajeossi’s all want me drunk,

the HR rep has got no ethics, I treat him well or my contract is sunk.

I got the blues … whoa, the expat blues…

My lungs slowly brownin’, the train overcrowdin’, the ajummas frownin’

I’ve got — the expat blues.

Now I had me high hopes for dating, knowing the language and culture is key,

but society’s so insecure that, they cannot handle me being free.

I got the blues … whoa, the expat blues…

from Gangnam to Hongdae, is everything money? it’s no longer funny,

I’ve got — the expat blues.

3 years have gone by and finally, I’m self-employed and I’ve found a new squeeze,

A gyopo who actually gets me, and who wants nothing more than to please.

Got no more blues … whoa, the expat blues…

this tunnel’s got light and the future looks bright and I wish you good night

cause I’m free — of the expat blues.

Happy birthday Kay

Kay and Dave 2

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  1. susan chung says:

    Is this girl in the picture Candice?

    Or Kay ? whom I have not met yet.

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