Blog to Me in Korean

Hands down the best websites for learning Korean on your own is

They not only have a large quantity of learning material, but it’s incredibly high production value across multiple media: audio conversations transcribed into PDFs, blog posts accompanied by photos, cute video sketches to illustrate a single phrase or concept.

Not surprisingly, they have a huge and loyal online following – their YouTube channel just crossed 50,000 followers, and their Facebook page is on the verge of crossing 100,000.

When I first came up with my concept for the new romanization standard and software, they were the first people that came to mind for a partnership in the venture.  But I figured I’d have to wait until my software was further along before I’d be in position to be taken seriously.

But this past weekend they posted on FB that they’re looking for guest bloggers, so I signed on to contribute twice a month bi-weekly about what it means to be a gyopo.  In other words, do more or less what I’m already doing here – but now with an audience, and with a working relationship with the folks I’d been dying to meet all along.


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