On the Home Front

I found an apartment – huzzah!

It’s very reminiscent of my Notting Hill flag back in London:

  • cost is similar, both in absolute terms (630 kw vs. 672 gbp monthly) and in terms of being 50% higher than your typical flatshare, but still significantly less than a studio.
  • my bedroom is really spacious, maybe 3/4 the size of my old room in NH (which was absolutely GINORMOUS) and comparable in space to a typical 1롬 (“one-room”) studio in Seoul
  • I get my own bathroom
  • the common area is also very big, as is the TV
  • there’s a terrace upstairs: on one hand, it’s significantly bigger and less pidgeon-shit-encrusted than our little balcony in NH, on the other hand it’s not on the parade route of the Carnival
  • location: right off of Itaewon, which admittedly is a bit more of an expat ghetto than I’d like, but certainly no shortage of nightlife and central to basically the entire city
  • both guys I’m living with are French.  Clem and Pierre would be right at home

The only downsides are:

  • lack of air conditioning in my bedroom (this will be a problem during the summer)
  • a short but steep hill climb (compound the summer problem, plus any time it rains)
  • high cost will probably make it hard to find a replacement when I move out
  • move in date not until April 10 – most posts on Craigslist are for immediate vacancies

Still, all in all a bit weight off my mind…


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2 Responses to On the Home Front

  1. susan chung says:

    Congrat.for finding the place to live. Does NH mean Toluca Lake house ( which is in north hollywood) or the place you used to live in London? You will definitely need an air conditioner even though we never had it when we were growing up.
    I used to stay in the library where the air was always cool in summer time.

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