The “Elevator Pitch”

I wish someone had made it clear that the first place anyone moving to Korea should drop by is the Global Village Center near City Hall.  It’s a government-run one-stop-shop for advice on settling in: apartment hunting, driver’s license, immigration, language classes, and even entrepreneurship.

I was lucky to have been given the tip by someone at the Yeouido ToastMaster’s last Fri.

They periodically run free classes on how to start up a business in Seoul.  Enrollment is limited to 25, so selection is based on quality of the business case.

The next few posts will be excerpts from my business case submission (that said, much of that material is already on this blog, in turn as a dry run in preparation for this submission).

Walk up to anyone in America – young or old, urban or rural, black or white – and if you ask them about South Korea, they’ll probably know at least one thing: Gangnam Style.

out - psy

They’ll also probably mispronounce it.

This is NOT the fault of the speaker: the traditional M-R Romanization of Hangul converts into “a”. But in English, a vowel by itself can have multiple pronunciations.

So a young child might incorrectly use a short sound like the Cat in the Hat:

out - hat

while an adult will more likely incorrectly use the long sound like “gangster”:

out - gangsta

That leaves one remaining pronunciation which is  … aha!

out - bulb

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