And the Roller Coaster Goes On

Went to the immigration office today to see if I could do a drop-in appointment ahead of next week’s reservation.  After taking a number at 11am, I got called at 5:30pm (spent most of the afternoon running other errands, but still spent a good 2 hours waiting around for my number to be called).

Found out at the end of the wait that, since I’ve got an ancestry visa, I could have actually skipped the long line with all the “foreign” foreigners.  Which is annoying for the time wasted today, but still good news because there’s bad news: I need to bring in some additional paperwork – proving my dad’s Korean ancestry and US naturalization – listed in Korean on a sheet of paper that I totally can’t read…

additional doc request

Anyway, once I bring in the additional forms (wherever it is I’m supposed to get them from) it’ll take me an additional couple of weeks to process them and get the card.  So I’m still several weeks away from a permanent phone, apartment, and bank account.

Still, I managed to borrow a local cell phone that will let me buy a pre-paid SIM, which I’ll be able to buy tomorrow (hopefully: I already tried once last week, only to find my HTC last week isn’t compatible in spite of being unlocked).

Also, during the downtime this afternoon I visited the Seoul Global Center, the nonprofit agency for assisting expats that I learned about at ToastMasters last Fri.  It runs free classes on how to start a business in Seoul so I spent the remainder of my downtime at the immigration office writing up my business case.  They limit admission to 25 applications, so I’m hoping my application falls under the more thoroughly thought-through and developed end of the spectrum.  If not, then I shudder at what it takes to be an entrepreneur…

Altogether I’m not sure whether to call today a net win or loss; all I know is that there was a lot to it.

I’ll share snippets from my business plan in installments over the next few posts.


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