At the bar of my hostel, I ran a small test today with some American guys – having them try pronouncing a few words using the 6 basic vowels with my transliteration standard, contrasted against the traditional one:

  • 아 “ah”
  • 어 “uh”
  • 오 “oh”
  • 우 “oo”
  • 으 “u”
  • 이 “ee”

It works.

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2 Responses to WIN

  1. cindy says:

    What’s the difference between “oo” and “u”?

    • Hi Cindy,
      Excellent question: this is actually the one vowel I’ve been dissatisfied with all along.
      The ‘u’ is meant to be a schwa – brief, whereas all the others are fully extended (hence the single vs. double).
      To illustrate, compare the “u” in:
      – truth (protracted “oo” sound)
      – input (brief “u” sound)
      My plan is to make a series of YouTube videos, ideally a minute in length at most, as a language primer that will hopefully nip ambiguities like this at the bud.
      I figure once you’ve heard the correct version, it will be easy to remember upon subsequent readings.

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