Crane and Dragon

Very few people – including my relatives in Korea – can correctly pronounce my Korean middle name Hakyong.

It just doesn’t roll very well off the tongue.  My great-grandfather picked it cause it sounded cool to him: 학(hak) means crane, and 용(yong) means dragon.

And I gotta admit that’s pretty badass.

A while ago I considered getting a tattoo to go along with it: a dragon and crane locked in combat, swirling around each other up in the clouds.  But if you’re going to do something that elaborate, especially with something representing your own name, you want to get it done right and I never could be bothered sitting down for that long with an artist to explain the precise design I had in mind.

I suppose what I’m going to do with the design instead is the next best thing: use it for the logo of the company I’ve decided to start up here in Korea.

This may be somewhat ill-concieved, considering that of the 2 firms I’ve worked at during my adult life, the behemoth corporation with 27,000 employees globally was the smaller of them.

But hey, at least I managed to register a cool domain name:

Though I’m kinda wishing I’d taken CS2 which covers how to setup a webpage … can someone explain to me how CSS works?

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